Lunar Moon Cycle Phases and your period

The Lunar Cycle and its Influence on Your Period

Have you ever stopped to consider the power of the moon?

The moon and its lunar phases influence the tides, sleep, periods, moods, fertility, environmental cycles, and even the behaviors of some nocturnal animals. She inspires art, music, religions, cultures and there is really no doubt…the moon is pretty LIT!  

She holds incredible power to inspire and influence people throughout time, but did you know that the moon and lunar cycle also influence your period and menstrual cycle?

Biological Tides

In ancient times, and way before artificial light was invented, women’s menstrual cycles were more closely synced with the moon’s lunar cycle. This intimate connection has been celebrated and honored for generations but this deep feminine knowledge seems to be lost in our modern era, even with all our technological advancements.

Today, there is some debate on whether or not women’s biology is affected by the moon, but a recent study seems to scientifically back the sacred belief that the menstrual cycle is connected to the lunar cycle because of the impact of moonlight and the moon’s gravitational pull.

As the gravitational pull of the moon controls the tides, it is possible that it also affects our biology as we are primarily composed of water.

There is also scientific evidence that shows sunlight and moonlight have effects on circadian rhythms, and it follows that if your circadian rhythm is balanced, your infradian rhythm and menstrual cycle will be more balanced as well.

Even if there wasn’t any scientific evidence that backed beliefs that menstrual cycles are intimately connected with lunar cycles, the moon and its phases still have a lot to teach us about our femininity and it’s time to come back to this knowledge and inner wisdom. 

The Lunar Cycle and your Period

A lunar cycle is the time it takes for the moon to get from one new moon to the next new moon. This time is about 29.5 days. 

The most fascinating thing about the length of the lunar cycle is that it corresponds to the average length of a menstrual cycle of about 29.3 days.

The moon also has 4 primary phases – new moon, waxing moon, full moon, and waning moon – and each of these phases correspond to the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle – menstruation, follicular, ovulation, and luteal.

Just like each phase of your menstrual cycle reflects the 4 seasons, they also reflect the 4 phases of the moon. 

Here is some of the wisdom the moon can teach you about your cycle.

New moon | Menstruation

The first day of your period marks the beginning of your menstrual cycle. Your estrogen and progesterone fall and your endometrium sheds.

The moon doesn’t reflect any light during this phase. You may also feel this way during your period…you may be more withdrawn and not be the brightest and happiest person to be around. Our light is turned inward and this is a time for ourselves. It’s a time to reflect, shed the old, and embrace the new.

Waxing moon | Follicular phase

Your endometrium rebuilds and your pituitary gland releases FSH to stimulate your ovaries to grow a dominant follicle so it can mature an egg and prepare for ovulation. 

As your body prepares for ovulation, the waxing moon also prepares for the full moon. Just like the waxing moon is growing in its fullness and brightness, you may also feel your mood lifting and your energy growing. Use this time of enthusiasm to enjoy a fresh start and new beginnings.

Full moon | Ovulation

Estrogen and testosterone are at their peak and your dominant follicle releases a mature egg into your fallopian tube. 

The full moon is at its brightest and so is your energy. You are at your most fertile during your full moon phase. As the full moon expresses itself with its bright light, take the time to also express yourself through intimate connection and creative expression.

Waning moon | Luteal

Estrogen and testosterone drop and progesterone rises and then drops again. The dominant egg and corpus luteum dissolve if there is no pregnancy.

A waning moon begins to darken and that’s how your mood may feel. The moon prepares for its dark phase and our bodies prepare for menstruation and rest. As you withdraw, take the time to savor the bright moments you experienced throughout your cycle.

Aligning with the moon

Acknowledging the connection between the lunar cycle and your menstrual can shed a light on your own femininity. If you start to connect your menstrual cycle with the waxing and waning moon, you will begin to notice a powerful alignment happening within you. You will gain a deeper understanding of your cycle and begin to recognise the ebb and flow of your own inner phases.

Some women’s cycles are intermittently synced with the lunar cycle, but it’s ok if yours is not. However, if you would like to sync your cycle with the moon, there are various techniques you can try such as moon gazing (or look out for our next blogpost on this). 

Share your reflections

  • Have you ever considered your menstrual cycle as a reflection of the moon’s lunar cycle? 
  • Is your period (and menstrual cycle) in sync with the lunar cycle?
  • How does the moon inspire you as a woman? 

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